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Hi and welcome to my website!!

So let me introduce my self. My name is Konstantina, I am a third generation photographer and I live in Cardiff, South Wales. My greatest passion and love is photography and most important being able to capture your special moments makes me so excited & happy!

Growing up in an environment full of photography role models, I've curated my photography style to be a combination of documentary photography with a little bit of posing a.k.a. lifestyle photography. I love capturing moments and emotions through my lens. I know this sounds very cheesy but it's the truth and the reason why I love what I do. My go to phrase during a photoshoot is "chin down please", I try not to use it very often but sometimes is needed. 


My field of expertise ranges to Weddings, Portraits and Family photoshoots and I have been lucky for the past 11 years to document events in Greece, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Paris and the United Kingdom.

I am available at all times to have a chat... so don't be shy and send me a message...

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